In this fast-paced technological world

In this fast-paced technological world, it is very important for every student to be equipped with the necessary training and knowhow in order to be able to compete. It is for this reason that the Caribbean Institute of Technology has been established. In 1998, the Caribbean Institute of Technology formally opened. Our mission is to empower each and every student with the best technological expertise for them to take on the world. So there is no need to mope around because all you have to do is enroll in our technological training courses which covers everything from San Jose computer science to Albuquerque garage door repair. When you enroll with us, we will guarantee that you will be technologically savvy and ready to take on the challenges of the real world. Currently, we offer three types of programs: Short Courses Our short courses are made up of several types of programs. These include the following: MS Office Productivity programs which are trainings on the efficient and effective use of MS Office programs such as MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint Web Design courses that feature the use of Adobe Photoshop, Flash Web Animation, Web Design, Visual Basic, JAVA, among others Linux courses which include basics on the Linux operating system and network administration Windows Administration courses referring to Windows networks and infrastructure Certificate Program Our certificate program is good for one to two years in terms of duration. This program is very specific, combining both theory and practical applications, in terms of meeting the demands of the industry. Currently, we offer the Industrial Technician Program which has several taught modules that include: Information Technology, Industrial Automation, Automotive Technology, Semiconductor Manufacturing, among others. Students can choose to specialize among our available taught modules. The length of study for each module may vary. We also offer special one-on-one in-depth trainings. Degree Programs Our school also offers important degree programs. In order for students to get a feel of what it is that they really want, they can take on a ladderized program. This means that they may opt at the beginning to take our certificate program, with the option of continuing in order to graduate with a degree after four years of study. The degree programs that we offer include the following: Major in Information Technology With this program, you can choose to get a general specialization or pursue a degree that is focused on Design, Animation, Networking, Computer Science or Hardware. Major in Electrical Technology If you choose this program, you will gain that much needed training in electrical and the semiconductors industry. Major in Electronics This is a highly specialized program. Here you will be focusing on both electronics and robotics. Our students in previous years who have taken this program have graduated to pursue careers in robotics, with some gaining awards for having developed programs or contributed to the advancement of the robotics sector. Major in Electrical and Communications Engineering This program is highly competitive, only allowing about 60 percent of students who seek entry. Graduates of this course gain on-the-job training with big partner companies.

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