The Caribbean Institute of Technology is well-known as a premier educational and training institution. Since it was established in 1998, it was able to produce thousands of graduates who now excel in their chosen fields and professions.

Prior to 1998, the founders saw the need to create an institution that will bridge the gap between education and the industry. The founders saw that graduates from different schools were not ready to enter the workforce and provide the kind of skills needed by companies and businesses. This is the motivation for the establishment of the Caribbean Institute of Technology. The mission was to produce outstanding graduates who are empowered to take on the challenges of the professions that they wished to pursue.

In line with this, the Caribbean Institute of Technology has partnered with big companies and institutions who will be able to provide that much needed on-the-job trainings for its graduates. The partnership benefitted the students who learned skills that they needed to acquire in order to be prepared when they entered the workforce. At the same time, it also greatly helped the partner institutions who needed extra manpower in order to be efficient in their work targets. As part of this program, students also earned wages for the work that they have put in, creating a win-win scenario.

It is for this reason that the Caribbean Institute of Technology has acquired such a good reputation for the kind of training that we provide. We are proud of the fact that a lot of students, their parents as well as partner institutions like our courses and choose to pursue our programs.

It is our goal to continue offering programs that will be of benefit to our students and to the industry. We will also continue to think of ways to further close the gap between education and training and the demands of the industry.